A collection of concept art from a game I worked on at university (2006). The game was based on cows vs penguins! The player had to control a UFO and abduct the cows from Earth and take them back to their own planet (cows are not from Earth, don't you know?).
The Cows - pick 'em up!
Left: Penguin Soldiers - have the ability to throw Snowball Grenades. Right: General Penguin
Ice Tank: An enemy from one of later and more difficult levels.
Igloo Blasters: enough said!
Penguin Scientists: They create the weapons for the attack.
Mech Penguin (Boss) - be careful with this fella!
You know it's serious when the Mech Cow gets involved too...
The UFO and it's trusty grappling hook.
Don't let the public see you or it's game over!
Teleporters: Get back to the ship quickly!
Left: A HUD idea. Right: The Caribbean penguin from the summer level.
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