Her Yr Hinsawdd was a series on S4C based on climate change and the impact of the ice caps melting. I created various graphics for the 5 part series.


The titles were based on a chunk of ice that reveals the title of the programme. I actually used a tutorial for this (check it out here). The tutorial seemed to fit in well with the theme and as time was tight on this project, I decided to go ahead and adapt it for the programme. Additional cracks and a bobbing movement was added. If you look closely, you can see a rough world map made out of the cracks.
Other graphics

Showing where Greenland is on the map.
A graphic showing how solar panel type technology paint works on a house.
A map showing where Greenland and the UK were during the formation of Pangaea.
Globe showing the different ice ages of the World.
A map showing the Maldive islands.
A simplified version of the Milankovitch cycle.
Places in the north where oil is available.
Global warming.
How parts of Britain would look if the sea levels rise 6m.
Blackboard representation of how water turbines work.
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