A collection of the artwork I created for my game at University (2008). The game was called Ghostwriter and was based on Grimm's fairytales.
The original idea for the character. We thought he was too Lord of the Rings-esque so we decided to change him.
 The second version of the main character. A faun like creature.
Making the faun like character more 'earthy' as he originated in the wild.
The Crooked Man.
Three Blind Mice
One of the Crooked Man's servants.
A waiter from the Crooked Mansion.
The Big Bad Wolf.
Red Riding Hood.
The Muffin Man
A muffin and gingerbread man.
A jester based character.
The Crooked Mansion.
A train wreck upon a bridge.
Woodland area.
The troll under the bridge.
Little Miss Muffet scene. I've lost the original PSD for this :( 
Another Miss Muffet scene including an earlier concept of the main character.
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