I’ve been having a play and learning how to create some synthwave lately. ‘Dark Art’ is my first attempt at creating some full length tracks. As the title suggests, they’re quite dark (duh!), but I’ve tried to add some melody to them that reminds me of the Sega Megadrive soundtracks (I couldn’t resist). I think they came out OK!

Whenever I create music, it’s usually when I have a guitar in my hands, so creating these entirely on a computer was kind of weird to me. It approximately took a month to write. There was no overthinking, if I liked the sound of it, I used it. I think it’s a good starting point and I aim to experiment more with synths to see what else I can come up with. 

I created a teaser video for the music and the cover art is my 'Immortal' tribute that can be seen in my 'Game Night' series project.
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